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Dear Moss Haven Families,


This is a big year for MHE - Moss Haven turns 40!  Our wonderful school opened its doors on August 23, 1976.  Can you imagine what the school looked like then?  No computers, no iAnything, no water bottles in every backpack, no SUVs or minivans in the carpool line.  There were 347 students and 15 teachers, the plate lunch cost 65 cents and the PTA budget was $1,025.  


Turning 40 is a big event, dreaded by some, celebrated by others.  Moss Haven’s 40th is certainly cause to celebrate!  I said turning 40 was not going to affect me, but somehow I think it changes you no matter what.  You begin to realize that every moment is precious and it is really important to treasure each sweet hug or funny joke...really a time to treasure family.  


Moss Haven has always been about family and I am proud to be President of the MHE PTA to celebrate our “40 Years of Family”.  Our family at MHE includes teachers, staff, administrators, parents, siblings, grandparents, mentors, volunteers and many others.  For 40 years, the MHE family has cared for and supported each of its family members.  Every child has the same school supplies and is provided a backpack, coat and clothes when needed.  We take meals to a sick family, pick up a friend’s child when they are delayed and celebrate family traditions together.  We encourage those who are struggling and celebrate those who are succeeding.  We take care of each other, that’s what families do. 


Our MHE PTA family has a proud tradition of excellence.  We are active, involved, giving and hard working.  Our PTA provides instructional support, technology support, teacher support and assistance in many other areas, enriching our school and the educational experience of all children in our family.  The MHE PTA is recognized as A Voice for Every Child PTA, with more members than students.  Your involvement gives all children a voice!   I encourage you to get involved, get out of your comfort zone and make your time with our family and your family count.  As President, I want to be respectful of your time, use the tools available, like the new website, to streamline processes and focus on activities that enrich your family and the whole MHE family.   


I love MHE and I know you do or will too - after all - we’re family. 



Casey McCann

PTA President, 2016-2017










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