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Due to precautions taken by RISD to prevent the spread of COVID-19, no parents and/or volunteers are allowed in the school building at this time. PTA Board Members are asked to submit their volunteer hours via email. Please contact Jordan Hutchinson if you are seeking ways to help!  We look forward to the time when we can safely volunteer at MHE again. Stay safe and stay healthy!


Volunteer Opportunities:


When Volunteer Opportunities arise, Sign Up Genius links will be posted here!


Volunteering is the heart of MHE and keeps our PTA and our school strong! We have collected over 4500 volunteer hours every year for the last few years and earned PLATINUM STATUS in RISD for our hard work! There are several ways for you to turn in your PTA volunteer hours: sign in on the clipboard in the office (please make sure you also sign out, your hours cannot be counted if there is not a time in and a time out); email your hours at Mhevolunteerhours@gmail.com; and some events will have a place for you to sign in and out.


What counts as hours? Anything you do that benefits the school such as helping with classroom parties, working in the lunchroom helping with farm, supporting teachers, and classroom parent reader. There are some activities that you may not think count such as baking at home for a PTA event or classroom party, hanging art work, making phone calls for school activities and any PTA committee meeting (Auction, Carnival). If you're not sure if it counts just email me!


Why do we collect volunteer hours? The collection of hours not only benefits our school but the entire district as well. When RISD is looking for monies to spend for the district, their ability to borrow is partially based on their bond rating. Part of the equation in determining that bond rating is the number of volunteer hours that the community spends volunteering for the schools in the district. Prospective teachers and people looking to move into the area look at the volunteer hours to determine which schools have the most parental support.


If you have any questions, please contact Jordan Hutchinson



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