Texas PTA has three primary objectives; parent education, parent involvement, and advocacy. The single largest factor in student success is an environment of active and engaged families, educators and communities.

At Moss Haven the Parent Education committee educates parents and brings families together for events. The Parent Education committee also plans Breakfast on the Farm.There is an entertaining presentation as well as breakfast tacos, coffee and juice.

Moss Haven Language Tips!

For those of you new to Moss Haven or the district, this may help you navigate our special language here at Moss Haven! (email Amy Till with other Parent Education tips)

  • Round-Up – the school assemblies held twice a month on Friday mornings. All of the children come to the cafeteria by 8 am. Many parents attend (younger siblings welcome) and it is a great opportunity to hear about what is going on, recognize student accomplishments, and see a skit or cheer from one of the classes; all of the classes take turns doing the cheer throughout the year. Watch the principal’s page for dates.

  • Raptor – The new RISD system for screening all visitors to the schools. To enter into the school (to have lunch or volunteer), you must have your driver’s license scanned in and be checked in and out. This helps track visitors to keep our students protected. To volunteer in the school or on a field trip, you must have a background check through RISD’s website.

  • Specials– The extra classes of P.E., art, and music all students rotate through each week.

  • Reach – the Richardson ISD gifted and talented program. 
  • Quest – is a program for those 2nd grade children who didn’t quite qualify for Reach/Purple Connections, but were close enough to participate in this gifted/talented program for one year; they are then re-tested for Reach/Purple Connections.

  • Reflections – the national PTA art program in which children submit art to be judged at the local, state and national levels. There are 3 workshops after school where your child can make the art or they can do it at home! We always have great response from Moss Haven! The theme this year is Let Your Imagination Fly.
  • School Auction is a big deal at Moss Haven. Many parents go to support the school financially and have a great time. There is a silent and live auction and dinner. Many parents dress up in costume for the theme.
  • Sign and Go – These are get togethers that you can sign up for at the auction. They go fast so be at auction on time! The sign and go’s are a set-price. You sign up for them and then you go, thus their name – sign and go.

The Farm – the school garden located behind the school on the south side of campus. Each class has a raised garden bed that they plant, tend, and harvest throughout the year. It is a true “ole” or outdoor learning environment that is incorporated into all areas of the school’s curriculum.

Multi-age classrooms – Moss Haven is unique with its age groupings. Kindergarten is separate, and then the classes are grouped with 1st/2nd graders, 3rd/4th graders. 5th and 6th grade may be combined during some specials. Your child will have one of the teachers for homeroom and specials and there will be both grade levels in that group. During the day they will mostly be with their own grade level and with that grade level teacher.

Primary – 1st and 2nd grades Intermediate – 3rd and 4th grades Upper – 5th and 6th grades








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